Why use magnesium on your skin?

I’ve been loving giving massages recently, using my magnesium cream that I’ve been making for a couple of years now trading as Permamamma.

My experience so far is that people get off my massage table free from pain and experiencing far more freedom in their bodies. Aside from my magic hands (ahem!)… the magnesium is a natural anti inflammatory and reduces the perception of any pain – real relief and easier than eating more leafy  greens and seeds (another way to get the same result).

People sort of might be aware of magnesium as a supplement and what doesn’t necessarily occur to us is that our skin can be the way to supplement.  These days I don’t take very many supplements, just when the body seems to require it. Except for magnesium… via the skin in a food grade cream base!

Permamamma Magnesium Cream
Permamamma Magnesium Cream

The original recipe uses a salt form of magnesium chloride which is dissolved in filtered water to make ‘magnesium oil’ (no oil is involved in that) and then used to make a cream. The reason to make it into a cream is that the magnesium “oil” stings most people. For the tough ones  its a great choice and can even reduce body odor.
The original recipe has magnesium chloride so is no good for eczema or broken skin… please feel free to request a special order of eczema friendly cream! I’ve got two forms of mag for that and am totally curious to see how much difference it can make.