Edible Skin Care – Permamamma Magnesium Creams

A few years ago, back when I was pregnant for the second time with Sasha I began to use only the most simple ingredients for my skin care. For fear of an itchy attack which in the first pregnancy really caused me a lot of upset. The commercial products seemed to cause the problem! During the second pregnancy I learnt very quickly after one commercial cream caused me two weeks of itchy!!! … and shifted over to natural oils and butters like rose hip oil, coconut oil, shea butter PLUS minerals.
These days I’m free from constraints… but why not feed your skin as you do your tummy? The products totally enter your system and need to be either detoxed or USED. So are your products contributing to your health?!
I use my own Permamamma Magnesium Cream – usually as a body moisturiser but sometimes on the face as a night moisturiser too – I’m the main tester for any new products and will sometimes grab a local friend. It keeps the muscles nice and relaxed and improves any aches or pains.Permamamma Magnesium Cream

I have been known to give it away free to pregnant ladies because it simply makes their lives sooooo much nicer! Swelling, aches, restless legs … even preterm labour are all linked to magnesium deficiency.
And of course, it is safe and beneficial for baby sleep, just start slow with a massage on the bottoms of the feet/legs and see how they like it.

Grab some from the Woodvale Weigh and Pay in the northern suburbs or contact us on Facebook

Please note this ‘orginal’ product is not suitable for eczema or broken skinĀ  as it contains magnesium chloride which can sting. It won’t injure the skin and in fact, we’ve had some brave souls actually use it to treat their eczema (we’ve seen some dramatic overnight improvements andĀ  if this is you, can you let me know how its going now?!?!) but geez, be kind to yourself! … just message me for a similar cream with a different form of magnesium… I get the feeling it is a bit slow and steady with eczema… and more comfortable!