How’s the Serenity?

I’m doing something different. This is a whole new category to my normal kinds of weird behaviour (like chatting to strangers about the merits of humanure composting as though it was necessary for the survival of our society) and I begin to feel that it is the solution to the consumer madness that eats everything and steals our joy. It’s pretty funny that I’ve finally figured it out, and it might not be obvious to you that you are over-stimulated either. A deep breath is needed and a pause. A long pause. Being patient with yourself and not launching into the ‘next thing’. Taking the time to not even smell the roses… simply to ‘be’.
It builds the capacity for joy. This kind of joy, where you can be present and chock-a-block full of happiness for the cuddle you’re both giving and receiving.

My kids enjoying a hug

Each morning, instead of doing something like looking at a screen or loading up on caffeine… or even doing something exciting like going outside and gardening vigorously and getting some long awaited job done 🙂 … I just sit down in the front lounge and chill with a cup of tea.
The wonderful thing is that the rest of the family come to find me and I am available to make eye contact (after a few minutes lol).

Usually the half Burmese cat Sir Patch Paddington is sleeping on the same long couch and is able to sleepily smile at the children too. He smiles and lets our little girl stroke him gently. He runs away very fast when she approaches with anything in her little chubby hands.

Reuben with chickaletta
Reuben with Chickaletta

How, why?

These things can be understood from a spiritual perspective but we are spirtual beings living in biological bodies… both true and valid … your biochemistry can change your spirit and vice-versa.

Romans 8:6 For to set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace.

I’ve been reading social media and blogging articles and the one thing that I find I observe in the authors… almost without fail… are the symptoms of adrenal fatigue. In a world of technological slave equivalents like washing machines… we are harried and frantic because we spend our time doing what? Work, childcare, exercise, and screens. Books by contrast are soothing 🙂 Different kettle of fish.

So stop reading this blog, now and maybe forever. I have a few other things I could say but I can say them another day. If you don’t read them I won’t know. Go out on this windy and blustery day and start some seeds. Or not. Just sit there. Don’t feel compelled to do a single thing. Motivation grows and it doesn’t need industrial agriculture neither 😉