Plastic free July

There was a beautiful little Plastic Free July workshop that I sort of planned on attending today about getting rid of single use plastics in your home (think cling wrap) but didn’t in favour of spending some one on one time with my littlest at the markets this morning and then, going to vote with the family at lunch time and having a little play after 🙂
After a challenging evening with this same little girl teething and not being able to sleep until 9pm (eek!) I found my mind returning to this and really wondering if I could do a bit better than I have been. Well, it couldn’t be easier really… start with a really low benchmark and the improvement can be really impressive!
I totally put bread ingredients into the bread machine tonight, plus a snack … then my mind wandered back to Plastic Free July. Persistent thoughts. I credit my mate Michele (the one with the pet homing pigeon Wally) for two years of updates on her progress going totally plastic free… I recall that she was really disappointed that postage stamps come with a freaking plastic backing!Some things do require structural change.

I’ve decided I’m going to have a bash at making these.

DIY Reusable Food Wrap

I already have bees wax and lovely little pieces of fabric for jam covers. I’ll bum some resin off a local with access to acacias and conifers… or even marri would be great. Perhaps marri would be the best because it is antibacterial and anti viral! Probably it might rival manuka honey from New Zealand.
We can avoid buying plastic to make these 😉 Sweet! I might even sew a button and barter one or two away. Can’t wait to rock up to playgroup with the kids snacks wrapped in these lol… awesome!

If you’d like to make a public commitment… The website is and happily they have options for either all plastic (eek!) or only the top 4. You could possibly do all plastic but we typically buy meat wrapped in cling film, so I decided it would be a bit hard to really try to avoid that.

The top four are straws, plastic bottles, plastic bags & coffee cup lids. This is an easy one 🙂