Magnesium Cream

A dear friend had a problem – her baby wouldn’t sleep. As a mother of a couple of kids, the first of which was bad but not nearly as bad as this friends’ baby… I felt for her.
When I say that I felt for her, I felt it in my bones. Exquisite in all the remembered gory details of the sheer desperation for some shut-eye.
I thought about it a little and suggested some magnesium cream for both and some halva (a sweet treat made from ground sesame and honey) for the breastfeeding mum… ’cause we can eat 😉

My first batch was quite firm, which isn’t bad to help it last, this batch is much softer… also not too bad lol!
Quoting from this friend “I’m blown away. I haven’t slept this well in forever.”
I’m delighted 🙂

magnesium cream
magnesium cream

I’m offering this batch for sale… suggesting $10 for the little jars and $35 and $30 for the two larger ones. It took me all the spare time I had this evening to make and pop it up for sale 🙂 Totally worth it in my opinion… for just one more mum to get just a touch more sleep!

Let me know if you want some (I’m getting some jars and deodorant containers in) and please express your interest in either Lavender; or Frankincense and Myrrh. The second option is recommended by my divining friend for a foot rub at the end of the night… it is absolutely good for adults wanting to prevent cancer and assist the body to detox. (check them out on Google Scholar, you’ll be surprised how amazing our botanicals on Earth are, almost as though they were designed for the job lol).

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