Magnesium Advocacy Group Summary

Morley Robbins – – has been doing some excellent readings of old and new research. What’s he’s uncovered might well be the smartest set of supplements recommended for our generation.

What’s new, once was old. Old fashioned remedies actually nailed a lot of what Morley recommends based on the science (forgotten though it might be). Bee pollen as a super food for energy, this is old folklore 🙂 Kids’ constipation remedy using cod liver oil and orange juice…. and you’ll see how both of these are part of his protocol.

The other element that is hugely interesting – get rid of excess unbound metals including copper and iron. Iron is not the goodie it has been made out to be!

This blog is just to get the list on record so people I’m chatting with can refer to it. I’ve gotten it down fast so I hope it is easy enough to follow.
What I’m covering in summary:
Magnesium supplementation
Adrenal Cocktail
Detoxing metals
Ceruloplasim protocol – making yourself more energetic with good-copper protein 🙂
Suggested scheduling
Magnesium Supplementation

  1. Dark Leafy Greens, pumpkin seeds, sprouted mung beans (biodynamic)
  2. The cheapest and most readily available tablet if you’re really low – Doctors Best. Click the header above if you want the types that are OK according to Morley Robbins.
  3. For those that only ‘do’ wholefoods – Amena’s Minerals – basically sea water with the sea salt taken off and all the goodies left behind.
  4. Epsom salt baths – take approx 1 cup epsom salts (magnesium sulphate), about the same of baking soda and a teaspoon or so of borax (boron, a mineral missing in soils needed to use magnesium and good for healthy teeth and bones).

Adrenal Cocktail

Adrenal Cocktail

1/2 tspn sea salt
1/2 tspn cream of tartar for the potassium
juice of an orange or other citrus (oranges have good potassium)

This is enough for one day – a double batch.
The idea behind the adrenal cocktail is to replenish what you lose from being constantly stressed and producing adrenaline – a chemical made from potassium, salt and Vitamin C! If you’re totally shattered, you can buy the ingredients for the adrenal cocktail at the supermarket – have a nice Epsom salt bath and see how you feel.
If you’re fancy pants, you can find alternative ingredients! (This website shows you all the various mineral profiles of foods … here is ginger
Sweet potato chips with salt are like an adrenal cocktail for kids.

Detox Iron from the gut/brain

options to clear iron
options to clear iron

Also, you can use Frankincense! Morley is a wealth of info and he suggested through the olfactory nerve ie. smelling… might be the logical point for detox for the brain. Buy from me – if you’re local I can help with rollerballs and accessories.

Buy online magnesium, Vit C, cod liver oil with iherb- my recommendations

Ceruloplasim Protocol

Ceruloplasim 27 May 2016
Ceruloplasim 27 May 2016

On rising,  diotomaceous earth to help clear heavy metals, kill parasites and give a scrub to your innards

With breakfast, bee pollen- contains B vitamins, skip anything listing folic acid as some 30%+ of the population can’t handle it – get these from your local markets, wholefood C
Shower and use magnesium chloride spray for deodorant if it doesn’t itch too much (otherwise on feet before bed)

Water for the day with Amena Sea Minerals (dilute until you can’t taste it much)

Taurine mid morning on empty stomach, while you’re making your cocktail

Adrenal cocktail at 10am

Lunch, with magnesium tablets
Adrenal cocktail at 3pm

Dinner with magnesium tablets and Vitamin C. To support digestion, preceed dinner with warm water with apple cider vinegar (adrenal & digestive tonic)

Supper –  Cod liver oil with a little cream (can make into a fruity icecream or simply on a spoon), if constipated shake with fresh orange juice, a couple of hours before bed.

Bath – Epsom salts, Baking soda and Boron in your bath (if you don’t do baths look up the boron concentrate mix and take a teaspoon of the liquid premix each day).

Stabilised rice bran before bed, on an empty stomach to help clear toxic metals.
In bed, and this tip comes from David, Give yourself a food rub with Frankincense, Myrrh and olive oil (Vitamin E). Happily, I’ve got some mag cream for that and it is lush. Olive oil, beeswax, cacao butter, magnesium chloride, essential oils 🙂

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