Kombucha and what’s growing

These days I’m all about quick and easy… and healthy sometimes coming a very late third place *ahem*…
Kombucha is one of those things, it hits the spot when you’re super tired and want say a huge sweet bubbly black soft drink… you’ve got nano seconds to redirect yourself onto this brew 🙂

Happily, you can get something that can resemble a sweet sparkling apple cider. With a multitude of other health outcomes. Apparently it can do amazing stuff like give retired folk their fertility back in their sixties (don’t say I didn’t warn you!).

Also, vinegar (one of the components of kombucha) can clean your gut of various things, including iron… the current villain in the biochemistry mystery thriller that is ongoing at www.gotmag.org

Because I’m a bit of a cowboy… I pretty much wing it including but not limited to pouring the sugar in and ‘measuring it’ by eye. But for those I’ve given a scoby, guidelines;
1. Get a huge glass jar, two are even better!
2. Make a sweet black tea with say 1 cup of sugar per litre. Make this hot in the jar… making it sterile!
3. Put the lid on or cover with a cloth, let cool until say next day
4. Pour in the living kombucha that you have saved from last time, keeping it well away from the boiling tea! This could be a scoby with some liquid or simply some nice living liquid from a previous batch. NB. This can help you to scale up your production if you’re keen to do many jars at once. Just make sure you use enough say 1 cup of strong brew.

That’s it! Drink it after a bit, when it tastes good. Most people wait at least 5-7 days…
Pour over ice without disturbing the floating living SCOBY and you’ll get a few bubbles…
…to catch volumes of proper bubbles, like a good cider or beer, let brew for say 5-7 days in the big jar with the cloth, then decant into bottles and put their lids on. Leave on the bench for say 2 days until bubbles form, these are from the yeast that are part of the living kombucha. Refrigerate! Be careful as they could explode when left on the bench for too long.
If you’re sick, leave it in the jar for 11 to 18 days until it doesn’t taste so sweet any more in order to avoid the sugar.

Kombucha brewing and some in bottles with lids to catch the bubbles and then pop in the fridge ready to drink
Kombucha brewing and some in bottles with lids to catch the bubbles and then pop in the fridge ready to drink

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