Iron causes cancer

When we ‘fertilise’ the ocean with iron filings, we get a huge bloom that was touted as a potential carbon sink.
If you do the same to your gut, you get pathogens like candida.
And your biochemistry? I’m glad you asked…
Science on prostate cancer and iron dysregulation

rusty cast iron pans
rusty cast iron pans

To clean up your system, you can drink kombucha or apple cider vinegar 🙂 Also, a touch of stabilised rice bran on an empty stomach.
Or, go the leeches for an ironic blast from the past!

Cooking on well seasoned cast iron pans means you’re cooking on a layer of nice old oil/ fat 🙂 Not iron. But mostly, we should be alert for iron filings in baby food, cereals and supplements.

Morley Robbins has a few very interesting videos on iron and magnesium. Get into it!

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